The Day of the Sun

Today, April 15, 2013, is celebrated the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, considered the founder of the nation of North Korea. This day is called the "Day of the Sun" because they believe that that was the day the Sun came out again in the country. Although Kim Il-Sung died in 1994, he is still considered the "eternal President" of the nation and adored by many North Koreans as a god. On the same day is celebrated the birthday of North Korea, who turns 101 years of a dictatorial regime.

Due to the current tension in that the Koreas are living at the moment, the day April 15 (holiday in the North) will be a day when the North Korean leader will want to demonstrate his power and strength. Large public demonstrations of the North Korean army are scheduled for today.

The eternal President (Kim Il-Sung) claimed in life that grew inside of a Presbyterian family. He said his grandfather was pastor and his father was a priest, however, there is no way to confirm this information. If it's true or not, Kim had some knowledge of the truth.

As Christians we should not take any political party, but rather, fight for Justice and against human suffering. So, on this tension between the Koreas that has been going on for years, let us pray:

1. To which this regime is overthrown oppressor;

2. For peace between the Koreas and the protection of the innocent in the event of a war;

3. By leaders and authorities of these two Nations;

4. For the love in the hearts of those leaders, love that overcomes the war;

5. The Church, where in the South is free and immense, however, in the North is secret and sustained;

6. For a revival, for conversions;

7. So that the impossible happens.

A secret North Korean Christian stated that "when you look at a situation in a natural way, we think it's impossible, but when we look with the eyes of faith, we believe that our God is the God of the impossible".

The project Abraham wants to challenge you to pray for the Koreas this week. Get a group of friends, brothers, neighbors, community in Christ, his Church and intercede on behalf of those Nations.

We believe in the God of the impossible, so we pray.

He hears our prayer!